Solaris 8 (SPARC Platform Edition) 2/02 Release Notes

Initial Install Might Not Be Possible If Swap Slice Does Not Start At Cylinder 0 (4508297)

When you install from the Solaris 8 Installation CD, the SolarisTM Web Start installation program might prompt you to use an existing swap slice to hold the installation software. However, the installation program does not indicate whether the existing swap slice starts at cylinder 0 or not. If you choose to use this slice and it does not begin at cylinder 0, installation might not be possible on some disk configurations.

Workaround: If you intend to perform an initial install, follow these steps.

Note -

This will prevent any file system preservations on the disk.

  1. During setup, answer No to all questions that prompt you to use an existing swap slice.

  2. If prompted, select None from the list of alternatives, then answer No when you are prompted to re-select a slice to hold the Solaris installation software.

  3. Select a disk to re-partition when you are prompted by the installer.

  4. Choose a size when you are prompted to provide a size for the swap slice.

  5. When the installer asks if the swap slice can start at the beginning of the disk, answer Yes.

  6. Complete the installation.

For more information on re-partitioning disks or choosing a size for the swap slice, see the Solaris 8 Advanced Installation Guide.