Solaris 8 Maintenance Update 7 Installation Guide

patchadd Displays an Error That It Is Terminating

One of the following benign messages might be displayed by install_mu:

One or more patch packages included in
XXXXXX-YY are not installed on this system.

Patchadd is terminating.


Installation of XXXXXX-YY failed:
  Attempting to patch a package that is not installed.

These messages indicate that patchadd could not find on your system any of the packages that it intended to patch, so it skipped the indicated patch.

The message is displayed when patchadd notices a discrepancy installing a patch of one architecture onto a system with a different architecture (for example, a sun4u patch on a sun4m system.)

This may also be the result of one or more missing packages. The package might have been removed by the administrator, or never installed, as in the case of installing a cluster smaller than the Entire Distribution.

Workaround: Ignore the message.