Solaris 8 Maintenance Update 7 Installation Guide

Array Element Limitation in Korn Shell Might Cause patchadd and patchrm to Fail (4470489)

The limit on the number of array elements that are permitted in the Korn shell (ksh) might cause the patchadd command to create an incomplete list of the patches that are currently installed. When the patchadd(1M) and patchrm(1M) commands check the incomplete list of installed patches, the commands might fail to install or back out a patch.

Workaround: Before you install the Solaris 8 Maintenance Update 7 release, apply the current version of the following patches in the order listed.

Table 4-1 Array Element Limitation Patches


Patch IDs 


  1. 112396-01

  2. 108987-08


  1. 112397-01

  2. 108988-08