A P P E N D I X  D

SunVTS Global Configuration File sunvts.conf

This appendix describes the SunVTS 5.1 sunvts.conf configuration file. As of SunVTS 5.1, an optional sunvts.conf configuration file is supported. The path name of this configuration file is /etc/opt/SUNWvts/sunvts.conf.

Note - This file is optional; therefore, it is not required to use SunVTS.

The configuration file /etc/opt/SUNWvts/sunvts.conf is read by the kernel prior to the system probing the devices.

A reference copy of the configuration file, sunvts.conf.example is provided in the /etc/opt/SUNWvts directory. This file is created during installation with comments describing the supported parameters. You can modify the example file or create a new one and save it as sunvts.conf to be read by the kernel.

The following are the currently supported configuration file parameters.

TABLE D-1 Supported sunvts.conf File Parameters.

Action Name

Action Args


The user can specify the default number of scalable instances.


List of test names for which probe should be disabled. By default, nothing is disabled.


List of test names for which probe should be enabled. By default, all the tests are enabled.


Maximum size of each log file in MB can be specified using this parameter. By default, the maximum log size is set to 5 MB.

Note - Normally, either ENABLE_PROBE or DISABLE_PROBE is specified; when both ENABLE_PROBE and DISABLE_PROBE options are specified, probe is performed only on those tests that are listed under ENABLE_PROBE but not under DISABLE_PROBE.

Lines starting with a '#' are considered comments. Each line specifies a parameter and has the following format:


The following is an example /etc/opt/SUNWvts/sunvts.conf file:

# This is system config file for SunVTS 5.1
# Path name: /etc/opt/SUNWvts/sunvts.conf
# Syntax for the entries :
# Examples:
# DISABLE_PROBE  cputest mptest
ENABLE_PROBE     disktest envtest fputest

The preceding sample sunvts.conf file specifies the maximum number of scalable instances as 4. This also specifies that the probe should be performed only for disktest, envtest, and fputest. Note, that DISABLE_PROBE has been commented out. The maximum log size is set to 3 MB.