Solaris 8 (SPARC Platform Edition) 2/04 Release Notes

Common Desktop Environment Bugs

OpenWindows File Manager Fails to Mount Diskette (4329368)

The OpenWindowsTM File Manager fails to display a File Manager view that lists the contents of a floppy disk in certain circumstances. The problem occurs when you insert a floppy disk into the drive on a system that also has a SCSI removable media device. When you select Check for Floppy from the File menu in File Manager, File Manager mounts the floppy disk in the /floppy directory, but fails to display a File Manager view that lists the floppy disk contents.

Workaround: Choose one of the following workarounds.

To prevent this problem, apply patch 109463-01.

PDASync Cannot Delete Last Entry From the Desktop (4260435)

After you delete the last item from the desktop, the item is restored from the handheld device to the desktop when you synchronize your handheld device. Examples of items that you might delete and have restored are the last appointment in your Calendar or the last address in the Address Manager.

Workaround: Manually delete the last entry from the handheld device prior to synchronization.

PDASync Does Not Support Data Exchange With the Multibyte Internationalized PDA Device (4263814)

If you exchange multibyte data between a PDA device and Solaris CDE, the data might be corrupted in both environments.

Workaround: Back up your data on your personal computer with the PDA backup utility before you run the PDASync application. If you accidentally exchange multibyte data and corrupt that data, restore your data from the backup.