System Administration Guide: Oracle Solaris 8 Containers

solaris8 Zone Installation Images

Types of Images

Image sysidcfg Status

The sample Solaris 8 image provided by Sun has been processed using the sys-unconfig command described in sys-unconfig(1M). That is, it does not have a hostname or name service configured, which is also known as "as-manufactured." See How to Log In to the Zone Console to Complete System Identification.

If you created a Solaris 8 system archive from an existing system and use the -p (preserve sysidcfg) option when you install the zone, then the zone will have the same identity as the system used to create the image.

If you use the -u (sys-unconfig) option when you install the target zone, the zone produced will not have a hostname or name service configured.

Caution – Caution –

You must use either the -p option or the -u option. If you do not specify one of these two options, an error results.