Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Release Notes

Globalization (g11n) Issues

User locale preferences are not applied to the whole administration console (6326734)

Parts of the Access Manager administration console are not following the user locale preferences but instead using the browser locale settings. This problem affects the Version, Logout and online help buttons as well as the contents of the Version and online help.

Workaround: Change the browser settings to the same locale as user preferences.

Online help is not fully available for European languages if Access Manager is deployed on IBM WebSphere (6325024)

In all European locales (Spanish, German, and French), the online help is not fully accessible when Access Manager is deployed on an IBM WebSphere Application Server instance. The online help displays “Application Error” for these frames:

Workaround: Set your browser language setting to English and refresh the page to access the left frame. The upper frame, however, will still display “Application Error.”

Version information is blank when Access Manager is deployed on IBM WebSphere (6319796)

In any locale, when Access Manager is deployed on an IBM WebSphere Application Server instance, the product version is not visible when you click the Version button. A blank page is displayed instead.

Workaround: None.

Removing UTF-8 is not working in Client Detection (5028779)

The Client Detection function is not working properly. Changes made in the Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Console are not automatically propagated to the browser.

Workaround:There are two workarounds:

Multibyte characters are displayed as question marks in log files (5014120)

Multibyte messages in log files in the /var/opt/SUNWam/logs directory are displayed as question marks (?). Log files are in native encoding and not always UTF-8. When a web container instance starts in a certain locale, log files will be in native encoding for that locale. If you switch to another locale and restart the web container instance, the ongoing messages will be in the native encoding for the current locale, but messages from previous encoding will be displayed as question marks.

Workaround: Make sure to start any web container instances always using the same native encoding.