Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Release Notes

Access Manager upgrade failed because the classpath is not migrated (6284595)

During the upgrade of Access Manager from Java ES 2004Q2 to Java ES 2005Q4, the upgrade from Java ES 2004Q2 to Java ES 2005Q1 failed. Access Manager was being deployed on Application Server, which was also being upgraded from Java ES 2004Q2 to Java ES 2005Q4. The classpath in the domain.xml file did not have Access Manager JAR file paths.

Workaround: Follow these steps:

  1. Before running the amupgrade script, re-index Directory Server, because of a problem with the script.

  2. Add entries for Access Manager to the server.policy file of the node agent. A copy of server.policy from the default server policy (/var/opt/SUNWappserver/domains/domain1/config/server.policy) is sufficient.

  3. Update the classpath in the domain.xml file of the node agent as follows. Copy the classpath-suffix and relevant classpath from the server-classpath attributes of the java-config element from the server.xml file to the respective attributes in the java-config element of domain.xml. The java-config element can be found under the config element in domain.xml.