Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Release Notes

CR# 6452320: Exceptions are thrown when using polling with client SDK

When you deploy the Access Manager client SDK (amclientsdk.jar) and enable polling, errors such as the following can occur:

ERROR: Send Polling Error: 
amSessionPoller thread pool's task queue is full.

Such errors can occur after you deploy a Distributed Authentication UI server, J2EE agents, or in any situation where you deploy the Access Manager client SDK on a client machine.

Workaround. If you have only a few hundred concurrent sessions, add following properties and values in either the file or the file:


For thousands or tens of thousands of sessions, the values should be set the same as those for notification in the Access Manager file after running the amtune-identity script. For example, for a machine with 4 GB of RAM, the Access Manager amtune-identity script sets the following values:


Set similar values on the client side in the or file when the Distributed Authentication UI server or the Access Manager client SDK is deployed on a client machine with 4 GB of RAM.