Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Release Notes

Liberty Identity Web Services Framework (ID-WSF) 1.1 Support

The default version of ID-WSF in Access Manager 7 patch 3 is WSF1.1. There is no separate configuration needed to trigger the ID-WSF, except that the samples need to use the new security mechanisms. The new security mechanisms for the ID-WSF1.1 are:


New Property for Liberty ID-WSF Support

The com.sun.identity.liberty.wsf.version property determines the Liberty ID-WSF framework when the framework cannot determine from the in-bound message or from the resource offering when Access Manager is acting as the WSC. Values can be 1.0 or 1.1. The default is 1.1.

Note The patch installation does not add the com.sun.identity.liberty.wsf.version property to the file (CR# 6458184). To use this new property, add it to the file with the appropriate value after you install the patch and then restart the Access Manager Web container.

After Access Manager 7 patch 3 is installed, run the following command to load the schema changes, shown with Access Manager installed in the default directory on Solaris systems:

# /opt/SUNWam/bin/amadmin -u amadmin -w amadmin_password 
-t /etc/opt/SUNWam/wsf1.1_upgrade.xml

The ID-WSF discovery registration can use these new security mechanisms when registering. Also, WSCs will automatically detect which version to use while communicating to WSPs. To configure for ID-WSF1.1, follow the Readme files for the Liberty ID-FF sample1 and the ID-WSF samples that are included with the product.