Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Release Notes

Tuning scripts can tune the Distributed Authentication UI server web container

After you deploy the Distributed Authentication UI server on a web container, you can tune the web container by running the Access Manager tuning scripts. The following tuning scripts set the JVM and other tuning options for the respective web container:

Table 2 Access Manager Web Container Tuning Scripts

Web Container 

Tuning Script 


Web Server 6.1 


Application Server 7 


Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.1 

To tune a web container for a Distributed Authentication UI server:

  1. Because Access Manager server is not installed on the system where the Distributed Authentication UI server is deployed, copy the appropriate web container tuning script (shown in the previous table), amtune-env configuration file, and amtune-utils script from an Access Manager server installation. If you want to tune the Solaris or Linux operating system, copy the amtune-os script too.

  2. Edit the parameters in the amtune-env configuration file to specify the web container and tuning options. To run the script in REVIEW mode, set AMTUNE_MODE=REVIEW in the amtune-env file.

  3. Run the web container tuning script in REVIEW mode. In REVIEW mode, the script suggests tuning changes based on values in the amtune-env file but does not make any actual changes to the deployment.

  4. Review the tuning recommendations in the debug log file. If needed, make changes to the amtune-env file based on this run.

  5. To make tuning changes, set AMTUNE_MODE=CHANGE in the amtune-env file.

  6. Run the tuning script in CHANGE mode to make the tuning changes to the deployment.

For more information about running the tuning script to tune an Access Manager web container, see Chapter 2, Access Manager Tuning Scripts, in Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Performance Tuning Guide.