Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Release Notes

Solaris 10 Zones

The Solaris 10 operating system introduced the new concept of “zones.” Consequently, the patchadd command includes the new -G option, which adds a patch only to the global zone. By default, the patchadd command looks for the SUNW_PKG_ALLZONES variable in the pkginfo of packages to be patched. However, for all Access Manager packages, the SUNW_PKG_ALLZONES variable is not set, and the -G option is required if Access Manager 7 2005Q4 is installed in the global zone. If Access Manager is installed in a local zone, the patchadd -G option has no effect.

If you are installing Access Manager 7 2005Q4 patches on a Solaris system, it is recommended that you use the -G option. For example:

 # patchadd -G AM7_patch_dir

Similarly, if Access Manager is installed in the global zone, the -G option is required to run the patchrm command. For example:

# patchrm -G 120954-09