Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Session Information

The Session Information window displays all of the users who are currently logged into Access Manager, and displays the session time for each user. The display fields are:

User ID. Displays the user ID of the user who is currently logged in.

Time Left. Displays the amount of time (in minutes) remaining that the user has for that session before having to re-authenticate.

Max Session Time. Displays the maximum time (in minutes) that the user can be logged in before the session expires and must re-authenticate to regain access.

Idle Time. Displays the time (in minutes) that the user has been idle.

Max Idle Time. Displays the maximum time (in minutes) that a user can remain idle before having to re-authenticate.

The time limits are defined by the administrator in the Session Management Service.

You can display a specific user session, or a specific range of user sessions, by entering a string in the User ID field and clicking Filter. Wildcards are permitted.

Clicking the Refresh button will update the user session display.