Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Chapter 15 The ampassword Command Line Tool

This chapter provides information on the amPassword command line tool and contains the following section:

The ampassword Command Line Executable

Access Manager contains an ampassword utility under /opt/SUNWam/bin on SPARC systems and /opt/sun/Identity/bin on Linux systems. This utility allows you change the Directory Server password for the administrator or user.

ProcedureTo Run ampassword with Access Manager in SSL mode

  1. Modify the serverconfig.xml file, located in the following directory:

  2. Change port the server attribute to the SSL port which Access Manager is running.

  3. Change the type attribute to SSL.

    For example:

    <ServerGroup name="default" minConnPool="1" maxConnPool="10">
        <Server name="Server1" host="" port="636" type="SSL" />
        <User name="User1" type="proxy">
                     cn=puser,ou=DSAME Users,dc=iplanet,dc=com
     </User> ...

    ampassword only changes the password in Directory Server. You will have to manually change passwords in the ServerConfig.xml and all authentication templates for Access Manager.