Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Chapter 17 The am2bak Command Line Tool

This chapter provides information on the am2bak command line tool.

The am2bak Command Line Executable

Access Manager contains an am2bak utility under AccessManager-base/SUNWam/bin. This utility performs a backup of either all or optional components of Access Manager. Directory Server must be running while taking the log backup.

The am2bak Syntax

The generic syntax for using the am2bak tool for the Solaris operating system is:

./am2bak [ -v | --verbose ] [ -k | --backup backup-name ] [ -l | --location location ] [[-c | --config] | [-b | --debug] | [-g | --log] | [-t | --cert] | [-d | --ds] | [-a | --all]]*

./am2bak -h | --help

./am2bak -n | --version

The generic syntax for using the am2bak tool for the Windows 2000 operating system is:

am2bak [ -v | --verbose ] [ -k | --backup backup-name ] [ -l | --location location ] [[-c | --config] | [-b | --debug] | [-g | --log] | [-t | --cert] | [-d | --ds] | [-a | --all]]*

am2bak -h | --help

am2bak -n | --version

Note –

Two hyphens must be entered exactly as shown in the syntax.

am2bak Options

--verbose (-v)

--verbose is used to run the backup utility in verbose mode.

--backup backup-name (-k)

--backup backup-name defines the name of the backup file. The default is ambak.

--location (-l)

--location specifies the directory location of the backup. The default location is AccessManager-base/backup.

--config (-c)

--config specifies backup only for configuration files.

--debug (-b)

--debug specifies backup only for debug files.

--log (-g)

--log specifies backup only for log files.

--cert (-t)

--cert specifies backup only for certificate database files.

--ds (-d)

--ds specifies backup only for the Directory Server.

--all (-a)

--all specifies a complete backup of the entire Access Manager.

--help (-h)

--help is an argument that displays the syntax for the am2bak command.

--version (-n)

--version is an argument that displays the utility name, product name, product version and legal notice.

ProcedureTo Run the Backup Procedure

  1. Login as root.

    The user running this script must have root access.

  2. Run the script ensuring that the correct path is used, if necessary.

    The script will backup the following Solaris™ Operating Environment files:

    • Configuration and Customization Files:

      • AccessManager-base/SUNWam/config/

        • AccessManager-base/SUNWam/locale/

        • AccessManager-base/SUNWam/servers/httpacl

        • AccessManager-base/SUNWam/lib/*.properties (Java property files)

        • AccessManager-base/SUNWam/bin/amserver. instance-name

        • AccessManager-base/SUNWam/servers/https- all_instances

        • AccessManager-base/SUNWam/servers/web-apps- all_instances

        • AccessManager-base/SUNWam/web-apps/services/WEB-INF/config

        • AccessManager-base/SUNWam/web-apps/services/config

        • AccessManager-base/SUNWam/web-apps/applications/WEB-INF/classes

        • AccessManager-base/SUNWam/web-apps/applications/console

        • /etc/rc3.d/K55amserver.all_instances

        • /etc/rc3.d/S55amserver.all_instances

        • DirectoryServer-base/slapd- host /config/schema/

        • DirectoryServer-base/slapd- host /config/slapd-collations.conf

        • Access Manager/slapd- host /config/dse.ldif

        Log And Debug Files:

        • var/opt/SUNWam/logs (Access Manager log files)

        • var/opt/SUNWam/install (Access Manager installation log files)

        • var/opt/SUNWam/debug (Access Manager debug files)


        • Access Manager/SUNWam/servers/alias

        • Access Manager/alias

          The script will also backup the following Microsoft® Windows 2000 operating system files:

        Configuration and Customization Files:

        • AccessManager-base/web-apps/services/WEB-INF/config/*

        • AccessManager-base/locale/*

        • AccessManager-base/web-apps/applications/WEB-INF/classes/*.properties (java property files)

        • AccessManager-base/servers/https- host/config/jvm12.conf

        • AccessManager-base/servers/https- host/config/magnus.conf

        • AccessManager-base/servers/https- host/config/obj.conf

        • DirectoryServer-base/slapd-host/config/schema/*.ldif

        • DirectoryServer-base/slapd-host/config/slapd-collations.conf

        • DirectoryServer-base/slapd-host/config/dse.ldif

        Log And Debug Files:

        • var/opt/logs (Access Manager log files)

        • var/opt/debug (Access Manager debug files)


        • AccessManager-base/servers/alias

        • AccessManager/alias