Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Create a User in the Windows 2000 Domain Controller

  1. In the domain controller, create a user account for the Access Manager authentication module.

    1. From the Start menu, go to Programs>Administration Tools.

    2. Select Active Directory Users and Computers.

    3. Create a new user with the Access Manager host name as the User ID (login name). The Access Manager host name should not include the domain name.

  2. Associate the user account with a service provider name and export the keytab files to the system in which Access Manager is installed. To do so, run the following commands:

    ktpass -princ host/hostname.domainname@DCDOMAIN -pass password -mapuser userName-out
    ktpass -princ HTTP/hostname.domainname@DCDOMAIN -pass 
    password -mapuser userName-out hostname

    The ktpass command accepts the following parameters:

    hostname. The host name (without the domain name) on which Access Manager runs.

    domainname . The Access Manager domain name.

    DCDOMAIN. The domain name of the domain controller. This may be different from the Access Manager domain name.

    password . The password of the user account. Make sure that password is correct, as ktpass does not verify passwords.

    userName. The user account ID. This should be the same as hostname.

    Note –

    Make sure that both keytab files are kept secure.

    The service template values should be similar to the following example:

    Service Principal: HTTP/machine1.EXAMPLE.COM@ISQA.EXAMPLE.COM

    Keytab File Name: /tmp/machine1.HTTP.keytab

    Kerberos Realm: ISQA.EXAMPLE.COM

    Kerberos Server Name:

    Return Principal with Domain Name: false

    Authentication Level: 22

  3. Restart the server.