Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Add or Remove Members to a Dynamic Group

  1. Form the Groups list, click the name of the group to which you will add members.

  2. Choose an action to perform in the Select Action menu. The actions you can perform are as follows:

    Add Group

    This action adds a nested group to the current group. When you select this action, you create a search criteria, including search scope, the name of the group (the “*” wildcard is accepted), and you can specify whether users can subscribe to the group themselves. Once you have entered the information, click Next. From the returned list of groups, select the group you wish to add and click Finish.

    Remove Members

    This action will remove members (which includes groups) from the group, but will not delete them. Select the member(s) you wish to remove and choose Remove Members

    Delete Members

    This action will permanently delete the member you select. Select the member(s) you wish to delete and choose Delete Members.