Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Configure the Service

  1. Select the realm for which the Password Reset service is registered.

  2. Click the Services tab.

  3. Click Password Reset from the services list.

  4. The Password Reset attributes appear, allowing you to define requirements for the Password Reset service. Make sure that the Password Reset service is enabled (it is by default). At a minimum, the following attributes must be defined:

    • User Validation

      • Secret Question

      • Bind DN

      • Bind Password

        The Bind DN attribute must contain a user with privileges for resetting the password (for example, Help Desk Administrator). Due a limitation in Directory Server, Password Reset does not work when the bind DN is cn=Directory Manager.

        The remaining attributes are optional. See the online help for a description of the service attributes.

      Note –

      Access Manager automatically installs the Password Reset web application for random password generation. However, you can write your own plug-in classes for password generation and password notification. See the following Readme.html files in the following locations for samples for these plug-in classes.





  5. Select the Personal Question Enabled attribute if the user is to define his/her unique personal questions. Once the attributes are defined, click Save.