Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Customize Password Reset

  1. The user logs into the Access Manager console, providing Username and Password and is successfully authenticated.

  2. In the User Profile page, the user selects Password Reset Options. This displays the Available Questions Answer Screen.

  3. The user is presented with the available questions that the administrator defined for the service, such as:

    • What is your pet’s name?

      • What is your favorite TV show?

      • What is your mother’s maiden name?

      • What is your favorite restaurant?

  4. The user selects the secret questions, up to the maximum number of questions that the administrator defined for the realm (the maximum amount is defined the Password Reset Service). The user then provides answers to the selected questions. These questions and answers will be the basis for resetting the user’s password (see the following section). If the administrator has selected the Personal Question Enabled attribute, text fields are provided, allowing the user to enter a unique secret question and provide an answer.

  5. The user clicks Save.