Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Administration Guide

locale Parameter

Access Manager has the capability to display localized screens (translated into languages other than English) for the authentication process as well as for the console itself. The locale=localeName parameter allows the specified locale to take precedence over any other defined locales. The login locale is displayed by the client after searching for the configuration in the following places, order-specific:

  1. Value of locale parameter in Login URL

    The value of the locale=localeName parameter takes precedence over all other defined locales.

  2. Locale defined in user’s profile

    If there is no URL parameter, the locale is displayed based on the value set in the User Preferred Language attribute of the user profile.

  3. Locale defined in the HTTP header

    This locale is set by the web browser.

  4. Locale defined in Core Authentication Service

    This is the value of the Default Auth Locale attribute in the Core Authentication module.

  5. Locale defined in Platform Service

    This is the value of the Platform Locale attribute in the Platform service.

Operating system locale

The locale derived from this pecking order is stored in the user’s session token and Access Manager uses it for loading the localized authentication module only. After successful authentication, the locale defined in the User Preferred Language attribute of the user’s profile is used. If none is set, the locale used for authentication will be carried over. For example:


Note –

Information on how to localize the screen text and error messages can be found in the Access Manager.