Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Administration Guide

IDTokenN Parameters

This parameter option to enables a user to pass authentication credentials using a URL or HTML forms. With the IDTokenN=value parameters, a user can be authenticated without accessing the Authentication Service User Interface. This process is called Zero Page Login. Zero page login works only for authentication modules that use one login page. The values of IDToken0, IDToken1, ..., IDTokenN map to the fields on the authentication module’s login page. For example, the LDAP authentication module might use IDToken1 for the userID information, and IDToken2 for password information. In this case, the LDAP module IDTokenN URL would be:


(module=LDAP can be omitted if LDAP is the default authentication module.)

For Anonymous authentication, the login URL parameter would be:


Note –

The token names Login.Token0, Login.Token1, ..., Login.TokenN (from previous releases) are still supported but will be deprecated in a future release. It is recommended to use the new IDTokenN parameters.