Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Administration Guide


Access Manager can be configured to handle SecurID Authentication requests to RSA’s ACE/Server authentication servers. Access Manager provides the client portion of SecurID authentication. The ACE/Server may exist on the system on which Access Manager is installed, or on a separate system. In order to authenticate locally-administered userids (see admintool (1M)), root access is required.

SecurID Authentication makes use of an authentication helper, amsecuridd, which is a separate process from the main Access Manager process. Upon startup, this helper listens on a port for configuration information. If Access Manager is installed to run as nobody, or a userid other than root, then the AccessManager-base/SUNWam/share/bin/amsecuridd process must still execute as root. For more information on the amsecuridd helper, see Chapter 20, The amsecuridd Helper.

Note –

For this release of Access Manager, the SecurID Authentication module is not available for the Linux or Solaris x86 platforms and this should not be registered, configured, or enabled on these two platforms. It is only available for SPARC systems.