Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Windows NT

Access Manager can be configured to work with an Windows NT /Windows 2000 server that is already installed. Access Manager provides the client portion of NT authentication.

  1. Configure the NT server. For detailed instructions, see the Windows NT server documentation.

  2. Before you can add and enable the Windows NT authentication module, you must obtain and install a Samba client to communicate with Access Manager on your Solaris system.

Installing the Samba Client

In order to activate the Windows NT Authentication module, Samba Client 2.2.2 must be downloaded and installed to the following directory:


Samba Client is a file and print server for blending Windows and UNIX machines together without requiring a separate Windows NT/2000 Server. More information, and the download itself, can be accessed at

Red Hat Linux ships with a Samba client, located in the following directory:


In order to authenticate using the Windows NT Authentication module for Linux, copy the client binary to the following Access Manager directory:


Note –

If you have multiple interfaces, extra configuration is required. Multiple interfaces can be set by configuration in the smb.conf file so it passes to the mbclient.