Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Installation Reference

Installing Access Manager Console (Core Already Installed)

This section describes the services information the installer needs when the following are both true:

Note –

You can only install AM Console by itself in Realm mode (7.x). This cannot be done in Legacy mode (6.x).

Table 1–7 Access Manager Services Information for Installing Console Only (Core Already Installed)

Label and State File Parameter 


Console Deployment URI 


URI prefix for accessing the HTML pages, classes and JAR files associated with the Access Manager Administration Console subcomponent. Depends on the Access Manager mode:  

Realm mode (6.x): /amconsole or /amserver

Legacy mode (7.x): /amserver

Password Services Deployment URI 


URI that determines the mapping that the web container running Access Manager will use between a string you specify and a corresponding deployed application. 

The default value is ampassword. Do not enter a leading slash.