Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Installation Reference

Access Manager: Directory Server Information

The installer needs the following information if you are installing Identity Management and Policy Services Core.

Table 1–10 Directory Server Information for Access Manager

Label and State File Parameter 


Directory Server Host 


A host name or value that resolves to the host on which Directory Server resides. 

The default value is the fully qualified domain name of the local host. For example, if the local host is, the default value is

Directory Server Port 


Port on which Directory Server listens for client connections. 

The default value is 389.

Access Manager Directory Root Suffix 


Distinguished name (DN) to set as the Access Manager root suffix. 

The default value is based on the fully qualified domain name for this host, minus the host name. For example, if this host is , the value is dc=subdomain,dc=example,dc=com

Directory Manager DN 


DN of the user who has unrestricted access to Directory Server. 

The default value is cn=Directory Manager.

Directory Manager Password 


Password for the directory manager.