Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Installation Reference

Access Manager SDK: Administration Information

The installer needs the following administration information if you are installing only Access Manager SDK.

Table 1–13 Administration Information for Access Manager SDK

Label and State File Parameter 


Administrator User ID 


Access Manager top-level administrator. This user has unlimited access to all entries managed by Access Manager. 

The default name, amadmin, cannot be changed. This ensures that the Access Manager administrator role and its privileges are created and mapped properly in Directory Server, allowing you to log onto Access Manager immediately after installation.

Administrator Password 


Password of the amadmin user. The value must have at least eight characters.

Set this value to the same value used by Access Manager on the remote host. 

The default value is the Administrator Password (CMN_ADMIN_PASSWORD ) you provided under Common Server Settings. Refer to Common Server Settings.



Bind DN user for LDAP, Membership, and Policy services. This user has read and search access to all Directory Server entries. 

The default user name, amldapuser, cannot be changed.

LDAP Password 


Password of the amldapuser user. This password must be different from the password of the amadmin user. It can be any valid Directory Service password.

Set this value to the same value used by Access Manager on the remote host. 

Password Encryption Key 


A string that Access Manager uses to encrypt user passwords. 

Note: For security purposes, it is recommended that the password encryption key be 12 characters or longer. 

All Access Manager subcomponents must use the same encryption key that the Identity Management and Policy Services Core uses. To specify the encryption key for Access Manager SDK, do the following: 

  1. Copy the value for am.encryption.pwd as generated by the installation of the core.

  2. Paste the copied value into this field.

    In a state file, the default is LOCK. Any character combination is permitted.