Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Installation Reference

Directory Server: Data Storage Location Information

User data and group data can be stored in this instance of Directory Server or in an existing instance. The configuration information listed in the following table is needed only if you are storing user data and group data from this instance of Directory Server in the user directory of another instance.

Table 1–26 Data Storage Location Information for Directory Server

Label and State File Parameter 


Store user data and group data on this server and Store user data and group data in the following Directory Server


Options that control where the Java ES installer stores user data and group data for Directory Server. Data is stored either in the instance being installed or in an existing Directory Server instance. 

If you store user data and group data in another instance, you must supply the additional information listed in this table. 

In a state file, specify one of these values: 

  • 0 (zero) to store user data and group data in this Directory Server instance. This is the default value.

  • 1 (one) to use a remote instance.

Directory Server Host 


Specifies a host name or value that resolves to the host on which the Directory Server stores user data. 

Directory Server Port 


Port to use when binding to the user directory for LDAP operations. 

This port should be the same as Configuration Directory Port. The default value is 389.

Directory Manager DN 


DN of the user who has unrestricted access to Directory Server. 

The default value is cn=Directory Manager.

Directory Manager Password 


Password for the directory manager. 



Directory Server suffix containing user and group data. For example, dc=example,dc=com.

This value must correspond to an entry in your LDAP tree.