Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Installation Reference

Gateway Information

This section describes the gateway information that the installer needs when you are installing the Gateway subcomponent.

Table 1–46 Gateway Information for Portal Server Secure Remote Access Gateway

Label and State File Parameter 




Protocol (HTTP or HTTPS) the gateway uses to communicate. A secure port uses the HTTPS protocol. A non-secure port uses HTTP. In most cases the gateway should use HTTPS.

In a state file, specify https for a secure port or http for a non-secure port. The default value is https.

Host Name 


Name of the host on which the gateway component is installed. 

For example, if the fully qualified domain name is , enter siroe.

The default value is the name of the local host. 



Subdomain name of the gateway host. 

There is no default value. 



Domain name of the gateway host. 

For example, if the fully qualified domain name is , this value is

The default value is the domain of the local host. 

Host IP Address 


IP address of the Access Manager host. Specify the IP address of the host on which Access Manager was installed for Portal Server. 

The default value is the IP address of the local host. 

Access Port 


Port on which the gateway host listens. 

The default value is 443.

Gateway Profile Name 


Gateway profile that contains the information related to gateway configuration, such the port on which gateway listens, SSL options, and proxy options. 

The default value is default.

Log User Password 


Password that allows administrators with non-root access to access gateway log files. 

Start gateway after installation 


Directs the installer to automatically start Gateway after installation. 

In a state file, the permitted values are y or n. The default value is y.