Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Installation Reference

Web Server: Default Web Server Instance Information

Table 1–58 Default Web Server Instance Information for Web Server

Label and State File Parameter 


Runtime User ID


User ID that the default instance of Web Server uses to run on the system. 

If you are installing Access Manager or Portal Server, set this value to root and set the Runtime Group to other. You can change these values after installation. For other servers, the Runtime User ID should be a non-root user.

The default value is root.

Runtime Group


Group ID in which the default instance of Web Server runs. 

The default value is root.



Port on which Web Server listens for HTTP connections. 

The default value is 80.

Document Root Directory


Location where Web Server stores content documents. 

To use a non-default value, ensure that the directory that you specify is already present in the file system. The installer does not create the directory for you. The default value is: 

Solaris OS: /opt/SUNWwbsvr/docs

Linux: /opt/sun/webserver/docs

Automatically start Web Server when system restarts


Configures Web Server so that Web Server starts automatically when the system restarts. 

If you deploy Access Manager on Web Server, this value is ignored, because the Access Manager startup scripts will start Web Server at system restart. 

In a state file, the permitted values are Y or N. The default value is Y.