Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Installation Reference

HADB Configuration Information

The installer needs the following information for HADB .

Table 1–30 Port Selection Information for HADB

Label and State File Parameter 


HADB Management Port


Port on which the HADB management listens. 

The default value is 1862.

HADB Resource Directory


Location where HADB stores resource contents. 

The default value is /var/opt.

HADB Administration Group


Group (GID) in which the default instance of HADB runs as a user. 

The default value is other.

HADB Automatic Startup


Choose this option to direct the installer to configure HADB to start automatically when the system restarts. 

The default value is yes. 

HADB Group Management


Choose this option when you want HADB to be managed by the group.  

The default value is no.