Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Installation Planning Guide

Basic Installation Procedures for Sun Cluster Software

The basic steps for installing and configuring Sun Cluster software are the following:

  1. Before attempting to install Sun Cluster software, make sure that the shared external storage has been attached and configured. This is typically done as part of implementing the network connectivity specifications. For more information, see Developing a Network Connectivity Specification.

  2. Use the Java ES installer to install Sun Cluster core software on all computers systems specified in your deployment architecture. Do not install the components that run in the cluster at this time.

  3. Configure the computers, including running the Sun Cluster configuration utility.

  4. Run the Java ES installer a second time and install the components that run in the cluster. These are typically Messaging Server and/orCalendar Server. Install these components only on the first computer in the cluster.

  5. Run the Directory Preparation Tool, and configure the component instances, including configuring them for single sign-on.

  6. Verify the component instances.

  7. Run the Java ES installer a third time. Install the Sun Cluster Agent for Messaging Server and/or Sun Cluster Agent for Calendar Server.

  8. Use the agents to configure component resources, add the resources to the resource group, and enable the resources.

  9. Test the failover capability of the resources.