Deployment Example 1: Access Manager 7.0 Load Balancing, Distributed Authentication UI, and Session Failover

ProcedureTo Install an SSL Certificate on the Distributed Authentication UI Load Balancer

  1. Once you've received the SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority, in the BIG-IP load balancer console, click Proxies.

  2. Click the Cert-Admin tab.

    The key is in the Key List. This was generated in a previous step when you generated a key pair and a certificate request.

  3. In the Certificate ID column, click the Install button for

  4. In the Certificate File field, click Browse.

    In the Choose File dialog, navigate to the text file in which you saved the certificate text sent to you by the certificate issuer, and then click Open.

  5. Click Install Certificate.

  6. In the Certificate page, click Return to Certificate Information link.

    In the SSL Certificate Administration page, verify that the Certificate ID indicates