Deployment Example 1: Access Manager 7.0 Load Balancing, Distributed Authentication UI, and Session Failover

ProcedureTo Set Up the Agent Authentication Provider

  1. In the console, on the Summary of Deployments page, under Domain Structure, click Security Realms.

  2. On the Summary of Security Realms page, click “Lock & Edit.”

  3. Click the Realm name myrealm link.

  4. On the “Settings for myrealm” page, click the Providers tab.

  5. On the Providers tab, under Authentication Providers, click New.

  6. On the Create a New Authentication Provider page, provide the following information:





  7. Click OK.

    Agent-1 is now included in the list of Authentication Providers.

  8. In the list of Authentication Providers, click Agent-1.

  9. In the Settings for Authentication Providers page, verify that the Control Flag is set for OPTIONAL.

  10. On the Settings for Agent-1 page, in the list of Authentication Providers, click DefaultAuthenticator.

  11. On the Settings for DefaultAuthenticator page, set the Control Flag to OPTIONAL, and then click Save.

  12. Return to the Providers page.

    In the navigation tree near the top of the page, click Providers.

  13. In the Change Center, click Activate Changes.