Deployment Example 1: Access Manager 7.0 Load Balancing, Distributed Authentication UI, and Session Failover

3.5 Resolving Host Names

There are many ways to resolve host names used in this deployment. For example, you can us a DNS naming service, or you can include entries in a DNS database. For this particular deployment, the following entries were added to the local host file on all Unix hosts. The entries were also added to equivalent files on Windows hosts, and on client machines for where browsers are used.

xxx.xx.72.122		DirectoryServer-1
xxx.xx.72.121		DirectoryServer-2
xxx.xx.72.84 	AccessManager-1
xxx.xx.72.85 	AccessManager-2
xxx.xx.72.120 	AuthenticationUI-1
xxx.xx.72.73 	AuthenticationUI-2
xxx.xx.72.151   ProtectedResource-1
xxx.xx.72.152   ProtectedResource-2
xxx.xx.69.246 	MessageQueue-1 
xxx.xx.69.247 	MessageQueue-2
xxx.xx.69.14    LoadBalancer-1 	
LoadBalancer-3 	LoadBalancer-2
xxx.xx.69.17 	LoadBalancer-4
xxx.xx.69.16 	LoadBalancer-5