Technical Note: Sun Java System Access Manager ACI Guide

Access Manager 6 2005Q1 (6.3) and Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Legacy Mode


Legacy Mode is based on the Access Manager 6 2005Q1 (6.3) architecture. This legacy Access Manager architecture uses the LDAP directory information tree (DIT) that comes with Sun Java System Directory Server. In Legacy Mode, both user information and access control information are stored in LDAP organizations. Here, the delegation model is based on LDAP Roles, and not LDAP Groups. The ACIs are typically based on administrative roles, and they set by the Access Manager SDK at the time of role-creation. The relevant roles are:

In addition, there are the following types of ACIs:

Access Manager 7 2005Q4, when configured in Legacy Mode of operation, still uses the Directory Server ACI model to provide delegation to be backward-compatible.