Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting Guide

Running an Access Manager Tuning Script

To run a tuning script, use the following syntax:

amtune-script admin_password dirmanager_password [ as8_admin_password ]

The tuning script parameters are:

ProcedureTo run a tuning script:

Follow these basic steps to run an Access Manager Tuning script.

  1. Log in as or become superuser (root).

  2. If you have not run the script in REVIEW mode, ensure that AMTUNE_MODE=REVIEW (which is the default value) in the amtune-env file.

  3. Edit other parameters in the amtune-env file, depending on the components you want to tune and the requirements for your deployment:

    To tune the Directory Server that supports Access Manager, see Chapter 3, Directory Server Tuning.

  4. In REVIEW mode, run either the amtune script or one of the component scripts.

  5. Review the tuning recommendations in the debug log file. If needed, make changes to the amtune-env file based on this run.

  6. If you are satisfied with the tuning recommendations from the REVIEW mode run, set AMTUNE_MODE=CHANGE in the amtune-env file.

  7. In CHANGE mode, run either the amtune script or one of the component scripts.

    For example, to tune the Solaris OS, run the amtune-os script, as follows:

    # ./amtune-os admin_password dirmanager_password

    Note –

    In CHANGE mode, the amtune script might need to restart the web container and Access Manager. In some instances, amtune might also recommend a system restart.

  8. Check the debug log file for the results of the run.

Consideration for the Property

This property specifies the number of minutes to delay the purge session operation. The value recommended by amtune is 0 or 1, depending upon the Access Manager version you're using. For clients such as Sun Java System Portal Server, a higher value may be needed. You must manually set the property after you run the amtune script:

  1. In the file, set the property to the new value. For example:
  2. Restart the Access Manager web container for the new value to take effect.