Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting Guide

Running the Directory Server Tuning Script in REVIEW Mode

The amtune script and amtune-prepareDSTuner scripts do not actually tune Directory Server. However, you must run one of these scripts to generate the amtune-directory script, which you can then use to tune Directory Server.

  1. Log in as or become superuser (root).

  2. Make sure that the following parameter is set in the amtune-env file:

  3. Run the amtune script or amtune-prepareDSTuner script. The script generates the following tar file:


  4. Copy the amtune-directory.tar file to a temporary location on the server that is running Directory Server.

  5. Untar the amtune-directory.tar file in the temporary location.

  6. In the amtune-directory script, make sure REVIEW mode is set:

  7. Set these parameters, if you prefer a value other than the default (amtune):

    • DEBUG_FILE_PREFIX is a prefix that will be included with the timestamp to specify the filename of the log file where the script writes the recommended tuning changes.

    • DB_BACKUP_DIR_PREFIX is a prefix that will be included with the timestamp to specify the name of the Directory Server backup directory.

  8. Run the amtune-directory script in REVIEW mode. For example:

    # ./amtune-directory dirmanager_password

    The dirmanager_password is the Directory Manager password.

  9. Review the recommended tuning settings for Directory Server in the debug log file.

    The script creates the log file in the same directory with the tuning scripts.