Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting Guide

Directory Server Tuning Parameters

The following table describes the Directory Server tuning parameters in the amtune-env configuration file.

Table 3–1 Directory Server Tuning Parameters




Generates a script to tune the Directory Server that supports Access Manager. 

Default: true 


Specifies the user ID of the Directory Manager.  

If your deployment uses a user ID other than the default value (cn=Directory Manager), you must set this parameter with that value.

Default: cn=Directory Manager


Specifies the location of the RAM disk. 

Default: /tmp


Specifies the people container name for the default organization. 

This parameter is used to tune the LDAP authentication module's search base. It can be useful when there are no sub-organizations in the default organization.  

If this value is empty (""), tuning is skipped.

Note: Along with appending the people container to the search base, the search scope will be modified to "OBJECT" level. The default search scope is "SUBTREE".

Default: "" (empty)


Specifies the log level for the output of the run: 

NONE — No results will be logged or displayed.

TERM — Display results on the terminal only.

FILE — Display the results and log in the debug log file.

Default: FILE