Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting Guide

Server hangs when processing request between the load balancer and the Access Manager server.

The problem occurs when using two Access Manager 7.0 SP5 servers with a load balancer in front. You may see a stack trace such as this:

" at
   - locked <0xf0898b88> (a
*     *at

Solution: The problem might be a result of having the server instances separated by a firewall. If this is your environment, move the server instances behind the same firewall.

The problem could be due to a misconfiguration in the Platform Server List. The stack trace shown above occurs when the Platform Server List is missing its associated site ID's and server instances are denoted by virtual host names. Here is an example of a misconfigured Platform Server List:

site list : http://hostname:80|11
server list : http://hostname1:80|01

Configure your Platform Server List to include the server identifiers. In the following example, 11 is the server identifier.

site list : http://hostname:80|11
server list : http://hostname1:80|01|11