Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Developer's Guide

How the Client SDK Works

The Access Manager Client SDK is a streamlined version of the Access Manager SDK, and includes only the client-side classes and configuration properties you need to connect to Access Manager services. The Client SDK is contained in a smaller jar file, and eliminate the dependency on connections to Directory Server when developing and deploying client applications. The Client SDK and client applications communicate with the Access Manager server. Only the Access Manager server communicates directly with the Directory Server.

When you install the Access Manager server, the Client SDK is contained in the following file:


The following table summarizes items included in the Client SDK.

Table 1–1 Contents ofAccessManager-base/SUNWam/amclientsdk.jar




ASCII version of this chapter. Contains information on installing and using Access Manager client SDK. 


Client SDK for stand-alone applications. 


Archive of Access Manager samples, web applications, and Javadoc. 


Defines objects and parameters for building sample properties, stand-alone samples and web applications.