Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Developer's Guide

Building Custom Web Applications

The Client SDK package contains Makefile.clientsdk that you can use to generate and build samples and web applications. The makefile defines targets to build configuration properties, samples and web applications.

Building Stand-Alone Applications

Use these steps a template for building their identity-enabled web applications.

ProcedureTo Build a Stand-Alone Application

  1. Install the Client SDK.

    See Installing the Client SDK.

  2. Copy servlet.jar to lib directory.

  3. Run the stand-alone application.

    Change directory to respective components within clientsdk-samples. Each has a Readme.html file explaining the changes to done and a Makefile to rebuild and run the program.

Targets Defined in clientsdk

For web deployment, amclientwebapps.war is ready to be deployed. However, you can make changes in clientsdk-webapps directory and the war file can be recreated.

Custom web applications can use the following as a template to build their identity enabled web application.

properties: Generates in the temp directory that can used as a template for setting AM SDK’s properties

samples: Copies standalone samples and corresponding Makefiles to samples directory.

webapp: Generates amclientwebapps.war that can be deployed on any Servlet 2.3 compliant web container.

About the Client SDK Samples

Sample files are included in the Client SDK. These demonstrate how to write stand-alone programs and how to write web applications. After you deploy the Client SDK using either the Java ES installer or the amconfig script with DEPLOY_LEVEL=9, the Client SDK samples are available in the following directory:



Linux and HP-UX


Windows systems


The subdirectory clientsdk-samples includes samples for authentication, logging, policy and SAML stand-alone programs. The subdirectoryclientsdk-webapps includes samples for user management, service management, and policy programs. Each sample has a Readme.html file with instructions on compiling and running the sample program.