Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Developer's Guide

To Redeploy services.war

The services.war will be in the following directory:


Depending upon the brand of web container you are using, execute one of the following commands.

On BEA WebLogic

java weblogic.deploy -url ServerURL  -component
		{ServerDeployURI}: {  WL61 Server}
		deploy WL61AdminPassword  {ServerDeployURI  }


In this example,

ServerURL uses the form protocol://  host:port
ServerDeployURI represents the server Universal Resource Identifier
Example: amserver
WL61 Server represents the Weblogic Server nam.e

On Sun ONE Application Server

asadmin deploy -u IAS7Admin -w IAS7AdminPassword -H
 				HostName -p IAS7AdminPort 
						--type web SECURE_FLAG --contextroot
ServerDeployURI --name amserver --instance IAS7Instance

On IBM WebSphere

See the deployment documentation that comes with the IBM WebSphere product: