Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Developer's Guide

To Add A Module Tab

The section “Plug-In Modules” mentions the capability to plug-in external applications as modules. Once this is accomplished, the module needs to be accessible via the console by adding a new module tab. Label information for module tabs are found in the console properties file located in AccessManager-base/SUNWam/locale/. To add label information for a new module, add a key and value pair similar to module105_NewTab=My New Tab. Miscellaneous Customizations illustrates the default pairs in the file.

Example 11–3 Module Tab Key And Value Pairs

module101_identity=Identity Management
module102_service=Service Configuration
module103_session=Current Sessions
module104_federation=Federation Management

The module name and a URL for the external application also need to be added to the View Menu Entries attribute in the Administration Service (or iplanet-am-admin-console-view-menu in the amAdminConsole.xml service file). When a module tab in the Header frame is clicked, this defined URL is displayed in the Navigation frame. For example, to define the display information for the tab sample, an entry similar to module105_NewTab|/amconsole/custom_directory /custom_NavPage would be added to the View Menu Entries attribute in the Administration Service.

Note –

The console retrieves all the entries from this attribute and sorts them by i18n key. This determines the tab display order in the Header frame.

After making these changes and restarting Access Manager, a new tab will be displayed with the name My New Tab.