Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Developer's Guide

ProcedureTo Run a Sample Program on a Remote Client

Before You Begin

Install the Access Manager Client APIs in a web container and perform the following steps. In the following example, Sun Java System Web Server is installed in a directory named iws, and the Access Manager client APIs are installed in a directory named opt. For information on installing the Client APIs, see Chapter 1, Using the Client SDK.

  1. In the directory AccessManager-base/SUNWam/samples/sso, run the gmake command.

  2. Be sure that the following are included in the Web Server classpath in the server.xml file:

    • /opt/SUNWam/samples/sso/SSOSample.jar

    • /opt/SUNWam/lib/am_sdk.jar

    • /usr/share/lib/mps/secv1/jss4.jar

    • /opt/SUNWam/lib/jaxp.jar

    • /opt/SUNWam/lib/dom.jar

    • /opt/SUNWam/lib/xercesImpl.jar

    • /opt/SUNWam/lib/jaas.jar (Add this only if you are using a JDK version lower than JDK1.4)

    • /opt/SUNWam/localeand /opt/SUNWam/lib directories

  3. Include as an argument to be passed into the Web Server virtual machine (VM).

    $WADM create-jvm-options --user=$WS_ADMIN --password-file=/tmp/ws70adminpasswd
    --host=$WS_HOST --port=$WS_ADMINPORT --config=$WS_CONFIG --
  4. Restart Sun Java System Web Server.

    If the Access Manager server is running with the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol enabled, you may need to add the following line to the file for testing purposes:

    This property tells the SSL client in the Client APIs to trust all certificates presented by the servers. Adding this property enables you test the SSL connection without having the root CA for your test certificate installed on the this client. Without this property configured, you must install the SSL server rootCA certificate in client trust database, and then make sure that the following properties in are set to the same values: