Sun Java System SAML v2 Plug-in for Federation Services Release Notes

saml2setup Installs Older Mobile Access Packages

saml2setup installs old versions of the SUNWamma and SUNWammae packages. Because of this the following lines in the web.xml file in Access Manager are commented out.



Note –

This is not an issue for Access Manager 7.1 or Federation Manager 7.0 installations.

Workaround: Before uncommenting the filter properties in web.xml, you need to download from Sunsolve and apply the following patches to upgrade your mobile access packages. (If newer patches have become available use them.) See the Access Manager procedure called Upgrade Access Manager mobile access software in the Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Upgrade Guide for UNIX for more information.

Table 1–6 Mobile Access Packages



Solaris Patch ID 

  • 119530-01 (SPARC)

  • 119531-01 (x86)

Linux Patch ID 

119532-01 contains 

  • sun-identity-mobileaccess-6.2-25.i386.rpm

  • sun-identity-mobileaccess-config-6.2-25.i386.rpm

Afterwards, the lines can be uncommented and services.war can be redeployed.