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Sun Java System Message Queue 3 2005Q4 Technical Overview 

List of Figures

Figure 1-1 Middleware
Figure 1-2 MOM-Based System
Figure 1-3 Combining RPC and MOM Systems
Figure 1-4 JMS Messaging Patterns
Figure 1-5 Basic Elements of a JMS Application
Figure 1-6 Message Queue Service
Figure 2-1 Simple Point-to-Point Messaging
Figure 2-2 Complex Point-to-Point Messaging
Figure 2-3 Simple Publish/Subscribe Messaging
Figure 2-4 Complex Publish/Subscribe Messaging
Figure 2-5 JMS Programming Objects
Figure 2-6 Request/Reply Pattern
Figure 2-7 Message Delivery Steps
Figure 3-1 Message Queue Service
Figure 3-2 Persistence Support
Figure 3-3 Security Manager Support
Figure 3-4 Monitoring Service Support
Figure 3-5 Administration Tools
Figure 4-1 Cluster Architecture
Figure 4-2 Cluster Example
Figure 5-1 Messaging with MDBs

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