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Sun Blade X6720 M2 Server Module Installation Guide for Linux, Virtual Machine Software, and Oracle Solaris Operating Systems

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Part I Linux Software Installation

1.  Assisted OS Installation With Oracle Hardware Installation Assistant

2.  Getting Started With Linux Operating System Installations

3.  Installing Oracle Linux

4.  Installing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

5.  Installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Part II Virtual Machine Software Installations

6.  Getting Started With Virtual Machine Software Installations

7.  Installing Oracle VM

8.  Installing VMware ESX or ESXi

Part III Oracle Solaris Installation

9.  Getting Started With Oracle Solaris Operating System Installations

10.  Installing Oracle Solaris 10

Part IV System Administrator References

A.  Supported Installation Methods

B.  Supported Operating Systems

C.  BIOS Defaults for New Installations

D.  Downloading the ISO Image for the Tools and Drivers DVD


Part I

Linux Software Installation

This section lists the topics that describe how to install a Linux operating system on Oracle’s Sun Blade X6720 M2 Server Module.

Novice or Experienced Users: Use Oracle Hardware Installation Assistant to perform an assisted installation of the Linux operating system. The installation assistant provides the appropriate system drivers and platform-specific software.
Chapter 1, Assisted OS Installation With Oracle Hardware Installation Assistant, Assisted OS Installation With Oracle Hardware Installation Assistant
Experienced Users. Manually install the Linux operating system and the required system drivers.
References: Refer to these topics, as needed, to perform or complete the Linux operating system installation.