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Sun OpenDS Standard Edition 2.2 Administration Guide

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Document Information

Before You Start

Starting and Stopping Your Server Instance

Configuring the Server Instance

Configuring the Proxy Components

Configuring Network Groups

Creating a Network Group

To Create a Network Group

Modifying Network Group Properties

Creating a Network Group Quality of Service Policy

To Modify a Network Group Quality of Service Policy

Configuring a Workflow

Listing Existing Workflows

Viewing Workflow Properties

Creating a Workflow

Configuring Workflow Elements

Listing Workflow Elements

Configuring an LDAP Proxy

Listing LDAP Proxy Elements

Listing LDAP Server Extensions

Listing Proxy Workflow Elements

Viewing LDAP Proxy Element Properties

Viewing LDAP Server Extension Properties

Viewing Advanced LDAP Server Extension Properties

Viewing Proxy Workflow Element

Adding an LDAP Proxy

Creating an LDAP Server Extension

Creating a Proxy LDAP Workflow Element

Modifying an LDAP Proxy

Modifying LDAP Server Extension Properties

Modifying LDAP Server Extension Advanced Properties

LDAP Data Source Monitoring Connection Properties

Modifying a Proxy LDAP Workflow Element Properties

Configuring Load Balancing

Configuring Load Balancing

Creating a Load Balancing Workflow Element

Creating a Load Balancing Algorithm

Creating the Load Balancing Routes

Modifying Load Balancing Properties

Modifying the Load Balancing Algorithm Type

Modifying the Load Balancing Route Properties

Setting Client Connection Affinity

Deleting Load Balancing Elements

Configuring Distribution

Configuring Distribution

Creating a Distribution Workflow Element

Creating a Distribution Algorithm

Creating a lexico or numeric Distribution Partition

Creating a dnpattern Distribution Partition

Managing Modify DN Requests

Deleting Distribution

Configuring the Global Index

Configuring Global Index Catalogs

To Create a Global Index Catalog Containing Global Indexes

To View Global Index Catalog Properties

Modifying the Properties of a Global Index Catalog

To View Global Index Properties

To Import Contents of a File into a Global Index Catalog

To Export Contents of a Global Index Catalog to a File

To Associate a Global Index Catalog to a Distribution

To Disassociate a Global Index Catalog From a Distribution

To Add a Global Index to a Global Index Catalog

To Remove a Global Index From a Global Index Catalog

Configuring Controls Required by the Global Index Catalog with Sun OpenDS Standard Edition

Replication of Global Index Catalogs

To Enable Global Index Catalog Replication

To Initialize Global Index Catalog Replication

To Disable Global Index Catalog Replication

To View the Status of a Replicated Global Index Catalog Configuration

Logging of Replication Activities

Lifecycle Examples for Replicated Global Index Catalogs

Configuring Security Between Clients and Servers

Configuring Security Between the Proxy and the Data Source

Configuring Servers With the Control Panel

Managing Directory Data

Replicating Directory Data

Controlling Access To Data

Managing Users and Groups

Monitoring Sun OpenDS Standard Edition

Improving Performance

Advanced Administration

To Enable Global Index Catalog Replication

This command configures replication without actually initializing replication. This command is executed on the local host, declared by the -h option, using the administration port of the local host. The remote host is declared by --remoteHost option, and must be a fully qualified host name or IP address. The command creates a global index catalog replication administrator with a bind ID of adminUID and a bind password of bindPassword.

If you chose to create global index catalogs using vdp-setup during installation, the global index administrator is already created, with the same password as the directory manager. For more information, see Creating Global Index Catalogs Using vdp-setup in Sun OpenDS Standard Edition 2.2 Installation Guide.