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Sun OpenDS Standard Edition 2.2 Administration Guide

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Document Information

Before You Start

Starting and Stopping Your Server Instance

Configuring the Server Instance

Configuring the Proxy Components

Configuring Security Between Clients and Servers

Configuring Security Between the Proxy and the Data Source

Configuring Servers With the Control Panel

Managing the Server With the Control Panel

To Start the Control Panel

To Configure Java Settings With the Control Panel

To Specify the Trust Manager Provider and Trust Store Algorithm Used by the Control Panel

Managing Remote Servers With the Control Panel

To Manage a Remote Server

To Change the Server That is Being Managed

Managing Directory Data

Replicating Directory Data

Controlling Access To Data

Managing Users and Groups

Monitoring Sun OpenDS Standard Edition

Improving Performance

Advanced Administration

To Start the Control Panel

  1. Start the control-panel application.
    • From a graphical file browser, navigate to the bin folder beneath the folder where you installed the directory server, and then double-click on the icon for the control-panel command:
    • From a command line in a terminal window, run the control-panel command.
      • Directory Server in UNIX and Linux: install-dir/bin/control-panel

      • Proxy Server in UNIX and Linux: install-dir/bin/vdp-control-panel

      • Directory Server in Windows: install-dir\bat\control-panel

      • Proxy Server in Windows: install-dir\bat\vdp-control-panel

    The Authentication Required window is displayed, with fields for the bind DN and password of an administrative user. The default value for the bind DN is for the root DN user, cn=Directory Manager.

  2. Enter the password for the administrative user (and a DN if needed), and click OK.

    The Control Panel is displayed.

    Figure 8
    The OpenDS Control Panel
    Figure shows the main window of the directory server control panel.