McDATA EOS Firmware Version 9.0 Release Notes

This document contains important information about the McDATA EOS firmware Version 9.0, which is used with the following:


Read this document so that you are aware of issues or requirements that can affect the installation and operation of the McDATA EOS in a Sun storage area network (SAN).

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This document contains the following sections:

Features in This Release

For a list of the new features introduced in this release, refer to the McDATA document Enterprise Operating System Release Notes Version 09.00.00, available with the Sun patch 122187-01. For instructions on downloading the patch, see To Download and Install McDATA EOS Firmware Version 9.0.

Note - The Enterprise Operating System Version 09.00.00 Release Notes are also available from McDATA online at

This is the first Sun firmware version that supports the McDATA QPM 4GB 4-port Blade.

Installing the Firmware on a Switch in an Existing Fabric

If you are installing EOS firmware version 9.0 on any switch in the fabric, all switches in the fabric must be using EOS firmware version 9.0. Sun does not support the combination of EOS firmware version 9.0 with earlier firmware versions.

Supported Management Software


The following management software is compatible with firmware version 9.0:

Note - EFCM 8.9 is required to manage the QPM 4GB 4-port Blade for the McDATA 6140 Director.

Downloading and Installing the Firmware

This section provides instructions for downloading and installing patch 122187-01 for McDATA EOS firmware version 9.0.

procedure icon  To Download and Install McDATA EOS Firmware Version 9.0

Use the following procedure to retrieve the patches for your OS and the patch for the EOS firmware version 9.0.

1. Access the SunSolve web site at:

2. Accept the terms and conditions of the license agreement.

3. Click Patches and Updates under the Support category.

4. Under PatchFinder, type the patch ID, 122187, and click Find Patch.

Do not type the -xx revision number. PatchFinder automatically finds the latest patch.

5. Verify that you have retrieved the correct patch.

6. Print the README file that contains installation instructions and any special guidelines by doing one of the following:

7. Download the patch by clicking on either HTTP or FTP in the following line:

Download Patch (nn,nnn,nnn bytes) HTTP FTP

8. When you have finished downloading the patch, install the patch by following the instructions in the patch README file.

Known Issues and Bugs

The following bug has been reported against this firmware release.

Bug CR#6374540: The McDATA Sphereon 4700 loses port names after a power cycle.

Note - Refer to the Enterprise Operating System Release Notes Version 09.00.00, available at, for more information on known issues and bugs.

Related Documentation

For other information regarding the McDATA EOS, refer to the following files:

Service Contact Information

If you need help installing or using this product in the United States, call
1-800-USA-4SUN, or go to: